Hey, I'm Jordan Kurtz

I Help People End Their Limiting Beliefs And Unlock Their Full Potential With New Horizon Hypnosis™…

…so you can live better, make more money, and have beautiful long-lasting relationships.

Jordan Kurtz

The Belief Engineer

I am a trauma-clearing hypnotist dedicated to helping driven people rewrite their self-image, remove self-sabotaging behaviors, and ultimately change how they feel about themselves.


Areas I Help Include: Anxiety, Shame, Depression, Self-sabotaging behaviors, Drinking, Smoking, Overeating, Feeling “stuck”, Anger/Resentment, Fears/Phobias, Self-hatred/doubt, Feeling not enough (for self/others), Lack of control.

The Problem

You’re a go-getter (or on the way to be one) but you keep getting in your own way due to bad subconscious programming. It’s costing you time, money, and beautiful memories to look back on. While there is plenty of help out there, most solutions take too long and aren’t predictable. 


Psychotherapy:  38% recovery rate after 600 sessions 

Behavior Therapy (Wolpian):  72% recovery rate after 22 sessions

Hypnotherapy:   93% recovery after 6 sessions

The Problem

The Solution

Use the highly-personalized New Horizon Hypnosis™ to clear bad subconscious programming and childhood trauma to change how you view yourself so you can get more in your life, business and relationships. Most clients get results in their first session.

The Process

Find all the faulty programs that are causing you to self sabotage in dozens of ways

Remove all the toxic shame, poor mental models and useless beliefs

Add conscious mental frameworks and subconscious beliefs to get a newly updated version of you.



I do not practice psychiatry, psychology, counseling, or engage in any other form of regulated profession. I do not profess to be a medical provider in any way. I do not diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease, disorder or malady, whether physical, mental or emotional. I do not make any guarantees about whether the techniques I use will have a positive impact on my clients’ lives or outlooks. At all times, I suggest my clients coordinate with their regular health care provider for any physical, mental or emotional issues. I never instruct or suggest to a client that they discontinue or change the use of prescriptions or directions from their medical providers. Clients must take full responsibility for their self-care, whether emotional, mental, physical and/or spiritual.